Frequently Asked Question

Before accepting any new dog onto our services, we always schedule a meet&greet appointment whereby we all get acquainted and we discuss all relevant details relating to your dog. If your dog enjoys the company of other dogs then we would plan to walk or look after them with other dogs dependent on availability. If your dog is not so friendly then we can arrange 121 walks or boarding
Our services are not kennel or enclosed space based. Home boarding literally means that your dog will stay with a minder and their family in their home environment
You do have to provide your pets food for when they stay with us. The majority of dogs that board with us have specific diets therefore it would be impossible for us to provide food. We are happy to accept dogs with all dietary requirements
This is a very important point that we will discuss before walking any dog. If you do not want your dog allowed off the lead, then we certainly will adhere to your wish. If you do want your dog to be allowed off the lead whilst in parks and away from roads then we will assess them on the first few walks and as long as we feel confident, we will allow this. We do not allow any dogs to walk off the lead in areas with any road traffic therefore parks and green spaces only
Due to the nature of what we do, there may be a need for us to be a key holder if we are providing a pop-in service or regular walks as the likelihood is that you are working or away from home. All keys are kept in a key safe cabinet with a lock and digital code required. There is no reference to your home on the key tag. All staff working for the company are security checked via Disclosure Scotland (DBS) and we are happy to share individual certificates at any time
At the time of the meet&greet we ask you about your pets health and record any relevant medical issues. We are in daily contact with you when your pet is with us so if we are concerned about anything then we would make contact with the owner. We also ask for details of an emergency contact should we not be able to contact the owner. We ask for details of the vet where your pet is registered plus we ask you to sign a document which will allow us to have access to the medical history if required.
Guest dogs do tend to settle within a very short period of time and very rarely does it take longer than the first walk or feed. We do ask owners to provide an item of clothing with their scent on it as we find that this always helps to reassure any dog missing their humans
We are able to offer solo boarding for dogs whereby the minder is pet-free and are happy to not book additional dogs in for the length of stay
All minders have a domestic dog boarding license for anywhere between 2 and 6 dogs therefore we are happy to accept two or three from the same family dependent on minder availability
All of our team are experienced pet owners themselves. Each team member has completed the “Pet Services” training modules provided by a National Association. Some individuals have diploma’s with distinction in professional dog walking, advanced pet sitting & dog behaviour. In 2018 we launched our own in-house training academy through which all staff will benefit from the on going training.
We offer a pop-in service for cats in their own home as we do not offer home boarding. Each visit can include feeding, fresh water, time for play and cuddles as well litter tray changing
Dogs and cats only. These are the pets that we are most familiar with therefore we do not take on any other animals
Petcare is similar to childcare in terms of the necessary paperwork required, but we will make this as simple as possible for you and all will be explained when we meet. We can only accept pets that are fully vaccinated therefore you should be prepared to show us your records at the time of meeting. It is a legal requirement that all dogs are micro-chipped and we will require the chip number at time of booking. We highly recommend that all dogs have pet insurance.